UnitedPatients is a novel, patient-empowering healthcare data network that brings transparency and provides the patient with insights from medical interventions. UnitedPatients fuses all major participants of a healthcare ecosystem into one central digital processing unit: Patients, doctors, life sciences and insurances. UnitedPatients is an internal R&D project developed by MobileMan and is now available as open source on Github. Software Developers, young entrepreneurs and life science specialists can either alter the code or work with us to recruit 21st century health sales tools.


The core engine is its questionnaire. With the questionnaire, the patient can first customize and create (like a widget) a series of their repetitive questions that are important for them to measure. Secondly, the patient's doctor or interested healthcare professional (upon opt-in from patient) can "push" one-time or repetitive questions to the patient's questionnaire! Imagine being a life sciences company that can choose your population based on gender, age, indication, geography and create questions in real-time that gives you back insightful data. No middle man is necessary. The integrated medication diary is part of the questionnaire and collects very useful information about adherence.


Another major component is the networking module, which has multiple layers. Layer 1 is the networking between common patients to exchange messages, but also allow other patients to see health data of others. Layer 2 is between patient and doctor. The patient can allow the doctor to view their data. The doctor can access vital information about its patients, anytime and anywhere. Layer 3 is between patient and partners such as life science companies or insurance groups. The communication is structured. No messages are exchanged, but data has been structured in a way that partners can safely access patient records to reveal data as never seen before under real world conditions. The core goal of UnitedPatients is the empowerment of the patient.

Developer MobileMan

Project Internal R&D

Mission Fuse the health ecosystem

Foundation 2012

Platform Web, iOS

Technologies iOS, JAVAScript, AJax, LessCSS, HTML, Highcharts, JSP, J2EE, JAX-WS, Spring, PostgreSQL

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UnitedPatients – Health network 2020


[UnitedPatients] offers all participants network and communication features. Patients can connect with other patients. Doctors can connect with their Patients. Pharmaceuticals can connect with their consumers and medications. Health Insurance groups can connect with customers and their diseases to get critical new data.


[UnitedPatients] offers interactive questionnaires based on Yes-No questions, scale-rated questions about level of life quality, a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) from 0-10 or 0-100 and much more.

ICD health groups

Diseases on UnitedPatients have been standardized according to the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) and has licensed its database from the World Health Organization (WHO). Users can additionally define new diseases, such as pandemic diseases.

Drug assessment

By making data structured and linkable, all medication assessments are connected by disease in the assessment chart. The chart is divided by effective / not effective (y-axis) and by popularity (x-axis). MobileMan holds a granted patent on this functionality among others.


[UnitdPatients] offers hundreds of functions from disease, treatment, symptoms and assessments. Check out our live demo. The [UnitedPatients] framework has a strong chart engine embedded for visualizing data. Charts include line charts, bar charts, pie charts, bubble charts, spider charts, stacked charts as well as custom charts. [UnitedPatients] has been developed by MobileMan.

Life Science Business Managers

The Project [H] is suitable for healthcare organizations who want to build medication smart sales technology tools on the basis of evidence based medicine. The Project [H] framework is flexible, allowing you to make changes according to your requirements. The client/server architecture gives you the power to scale your user volume.