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Systematic disruption with information technology

In the information age we live today, marketing is no longer an art. Marketing has become science. The traditional, human-dependent approach to selling is an old model that cannot compete with the intelligence and momentum of Information technology. In an exponentially accelerating complex sales environment, companies need simplicity and through the strategic use of information technology, companies not only simplify their sales process, they transform their business into a scaleable business.

Product first, Technology second

Transformative mobile sales technology puts your product at the center, with unprecedented intelligence behind it. Inside the [STK] are customizable modules and frameworks for you to choose from, and with a close collaboration between your company and MobileMan, you will innovate industry-first transformative mobile sales tools exclusively built for you. Featuring best-in-class technologies at your fingertips, the [STK] is fully customizable. Develop, customize, mash, and integrate in the way you want and build your next generation sales tools in record time.

The Digital Transformation

Since the dawn of the information age we have witnessed successful models that changed the rules of entire industries through the strategic use of information technology. Alphabet. Uber. AirBnB. Bitcoin. Tesla. AliExpress. No verticals are immune to the threat of high tech companies coming in to disrupt entire industries, dominate markets, and steal business away from traditional, non-technology companies. Instead of being at the mercy of high tech industry disruptors, traditional companies hold the unique opportunity to disrupt their own industry, and lead their industry into the 21st century through transformative mobile sales technology.

Mobile technology built exclusively for you

Companies who use their own technologies are light-years ahead of their competition who use standard technologies. When your company innovates their own transformative mobile sales technology, the potentials are limitless because the technology is built into your DNA, to do exactly what you want it to do. At the core of your mobile sales tool is exclusivity. The [STK] is fully customized and built around your product for you to perfectly exploit. To leap beyond your competition, you need intelligent sales tools that leverages your strengths, optimizes your processes, and works only for you. The only way to transformation is through innovation.


The [STK] is a transformative mobile technology framework, engineered to catapult your business through the digitization of your company's value chain and sales process. After years of extensive R&D and in-depth experience building next generation sales tools for global leaders, MobileMan has created a solution that has become the Sales Technology Kit [STK]. The result is a powerful kit of technologies that can be fully customized and built into your company’s DNA to put unprecedented mobile sales applications into your hands. More than any mobile sales application, the [STK] is built exclusively for your company, around your product or service, to completely transform your value chain.

next generation sales tool mobility technology


The future of medication is the information based treatment of diseases. Medications today are too expensive, overly depended on, and often mysterious to consumers about whether they actually work or what the effects actually are. Stakeholders such as patients, doctors, insurance groups and pharmaceutical companies, have a vital interest in getting access to critical data on patient outcomes. With a new treatment information network, life science companies have a unique opportunity to lead medications into the 21st century with transformative mobility sales technology. Check out KURAVIS

next generation sales tool mobility technology health life sciences


The core value proposal of a sunscreen is UV protection. The players differentiate mainly through branding. With an intelligent UV-Meter system advertised on the sunscreen packaging, cosmetic companies hold unique opportunities to enrich their core value proposal with an embedded information system to better inform consumers and protect consumers against UV. The UV-Information System is based on meteorological data, location and skin type of the consumer. Sunscreen companies can take part in the information age, emotionalize their value proposal and enter into a powerful dialogue with consumers as never before thanks to transformative mobility sales technology.

next generation sales tool mobility technology suncream

Conveyor Belts

The core challenge for any manufacturing plant with conveyor systems is productivity. Yet, conveyor belt companies are very slow to apply information technologies to their products. The market cries for innovation. Total Conveyor Management in form of embedded nano plies, sensors and an integrated information network can monitor the vitality of the conveyor system and ensure highest productivity without downtime. All is supported by the underlying framework of your transformative mobility sales technology. More

conveyor belt technology next generation sales tool mobility

Car insurances

In Switzerland, a single hailstorm in July 2004 caused estimated car damages of CHF 100 million. The profit of any car insurance company is drastically reduced by these damage costs. Imagine a car insurance company who understands a car owner and can provide them with integrated, augmented services in form of information systems that alerts car owners of hazardous storms before they happen. An embedded preventive hail alert system can reduce claims, increase profits and enable car insurance companies to enter into a closer relationship with car owners. It is a golden period for insurance companies to reclaim market shares due to transformative mobility sales technology.

next generation sales tool mobility technology insurance hail car


Modules and features


Transformative mobile sales technology


2008 till today


Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and a diversity of languages


Level 1: [STK] Applications
Level 2: Distributed Systems
Level 3: Data Center


The [STK] is a collection of best-in class mobile technologies, languages and frameworks to transform your sales process. It is refined with a conceptual, strategic model developed by MobileMan since 2008 and applied to global market leaders. The [STK] runs on powerful open source or proprietary engines.


The [STK] is a visually appealing and data driven transformative mobile technology that digitizes your sales process. The [STK] helps your clients to make intelligent purchase decisions by providing transparent cost and revenue structures and visualizing the different purchase decisions they could make.

  • - Intelligent Sales Proposals
  • - Perfect for complex technical sales
  • - Mobile enabled data acquisition
  • - Integration with any systems

Native Platforms
Server Technology

The Software Technology Kit [STK] can be used with virtually any server and database technology. Most common server technologies include Apache, IIS, J2EE, Microsoft Communication Foundation, Amazon S3, Amazon EC3 and Microsoft Communication Foundation. Most common database technologies for Big Data solutions include MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySql.

DEV Framework and Design

The [STK]'s transformative mobile sales technology uses various frameworks and tools for a highly efficient development, testing and deployment process such as Spring Framework, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA and Confluence for a seamless, collaborative documentation of your form factor. For design purposes, we use various engines such as Highcharts, a data visualization engine. The [STK] is using various frontend standards and technologies from HTML, PHP, JSP, Angular JS, Ajax, LessCSS, JAVAScript, JQuery to JAVA . The [STK] can be mashed with most 3rd party frameworks. A diverse set of design styles are prepared in a modular way that can be fully customized to best suit your needs. Frameworks and Design Styles include:


Based on open interfaces, data can be mashed with any CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sharepoint or any other external system, whether its in the cloud or in your own environment. Learn more here about how to leverage your CRM with the [STK].


Defined in the Service Level Agreement

[STK] Examples

Apple-Microsoft CRM Sales Tool: iOS, MS Dynamics CRM, IIS, Microsoft WCF, Microsoft .NET, JQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, C++, C#, JIRA, Confluence
KURAVIS: JDK, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Highcharts, Spring, Spring MVC 4 Restful WS, Spring Data, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Tomcat, JIRA, Confluence
SMK: Android, iOS, JDK, JQuery, Ajax, AngularJS, Spring, Spring MVC 4 Restful WS, Spring Data, MongoDB, Tomcat, JIRA, Confluence
Iboga: Android, iOS, JDK, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS, Spring 4, Spring MVC 4 Restful WS, Spring Data, Amazon S3, Amazon EC3, HTML, CSS, Tomcat, JIRA, Confluence
Project [H]: iOS, JDK, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, HTML, Highcharts, JAX-WS, Tomcat, Spring 4, PostgreSQL, JIRA, Confluence


The [STK] runs within your IT infrastructure. Upon request, the [STK] can run independently in the cloud.