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One of the biggest challenges doctors face with patients who suffer chronic pain, is the lack of sufficient information to track the progression of the patient's disease. Project [H] is a tool for the doctor to get a holistic understanding of their patients, but it is also a tool for the patient to have control over their disease. Here's how it works: A patient creates a diary to track the details of their disease, recording daily entries such as the locations of pain experienced on the body, ratings of their pain, medications used, and more. When the patient pays a visit to their doctor, the doctor can review their diary with them and suggest the best method of treatment gathered from the rich information provided by the patient. The patient doesn't even have to be in the same room with the doctor to have this conversation. With a secure authorization from the patient, their doctor can access the patients diary and provide them with beneficial insights in realtime. With Project [H], the doctor and the patient work as a team to cure the patient's pain or at the very least, improve their quality of life.

Project [H] is an open source project by MobileMan. Our client libraries are completely open source, so that you can modify them in any way you see fit. You can find us on GitHub.

The future of healthcare in the 21st century is the information based treatment of diseases

On Project [H] patients aren't only communicating with their doctors. Patients communicate with other patients through the platform. Social exchange further helps the patient in managing their health conditions on social and emotional levels. Project [H] is built on an anonymous system, where every patient's identity is hidden from other patients.

Developer MobileMan

Project type Internal R&D by MobileMan

Mission IT supported healthcare

Foundation 2010

Platform Web, iOS
Technologies iOS, JAVAScript, AJax, LessCSS, HTML, Highcharts, JSP, J2EE, JAX-WS, Spring, PostgreSQL

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Project [H] – IT supported healthcare

Medication diary

Track the medication of your patients or consumers to get insights into interactions between different medications. Integrate it with your own medication product data or any 3rd party medication database (i.e. RoteListe®). Extend the mobile client with a scanner or QR code for immediate detection. The possibilities are unlimited.

Scientific calculators

Project [H] offers world class, beautiful calculators for Rheumatism Arthritis (CDAI - Clinical Disease Activity Index), Psoriasis (PASI - Psoriasis Area Severity Index) and Morbus Bechterew (BASDAI - Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index) as an easy API for web integration on any website.

Team work

Doctors and patients can work as a team to improve the life quality of the patient. With Project [H] patients can grant doctors access to their medication diary. But thats not all. Doctors can interactively push new questionnaires to the patient to be answered in a diary form with various components.

LIVE Intelligence

Healthcare organizations have the unique opportunity to access vital information and mash it with their own datasets. Information accessed on Project [H] is encrypted and 100% anonymous. This is a new paradigm for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem to make better decisions for the future of themselves and their patients.

Intelligence sharing by

Healthcare Business Managers

Project [H] is suitable for healthcare professionals who want to build medication smart sales technology tools on the basis of evidence based medicine. Project [H] framework is flexible allows you to make changes according to your requirements. The client/server architecture gives you the power to scale your user volume.

With the free Project [H] framework, healthcare organizations can work either with the MobileMan team or with any other partner.