A revolution in health

KURAVIS is a novel, real-time information network that enables a community of people to help each other find the best treatments for their health issues and discover health advice directly from the personal experiences of others.  For the people, from the people, KURAVIS brings transparency to the non-transparent market that is health care today. With the subjective evaluation of health advice from other users, people on KURAVIS can get an honest understanding of all sorts of health issues.

The Network

Everyone who has experienced the pains of any health issue has learned some things along the way on how to deal with their problem, but much of this useful knowledge doesn't get shared with the public. On KURAVIS, people who have experienced any health issue first-hand can publicly share how they cured it, along with other useful information like treatment costs, pain descriptions, medication side effects, and more. Other people can immediately tune into the public cure story and learn of potential ways to get help. All cures are subjected to reviews by other KURAVIS users to highlight the most effective cures for a particular health issue. Whether related to pharmaceutical medications, alternative therapies or general health advise, the KURAVIS system treats all cures with equal rights, and all cures are intelligently sorted with proprietry data models and algorithms.

KURAVIS is built on an anonymous system, where every user's identity is hidden from other users through advanced encryption algorithms. Even the platform provider cannot know the real identity of its users. However, built-in management and admin tools gives the platform provider the power of qualitative and quantitative assurances. Users themselves have built-in tools to rate and review submitted cures and to report other users to the system administrator. The system can easily be modified with an extensive user management, where the user's identity can be known based on certain requirements. For now, a simple email address is used to start using KURAVIS.

Founded in 2013, KURAVIS is an [Open Source] project from MobileMan and is available for Web. You can find us on GitHub.

Developer MobileMan

Project type Internal R&D by MobileMan

Mission Treatment Information System

Foundation 2013

Platform Web, iOS
Technologies iOS, JAVAScript, AJax, LessCSS, HTML, Highcharts, JSP, J2EE, JAX-WS, Spring, MongoDB

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KURAVIS – Social healthcare network

KURAVIS utilizes scalable standard technologies such as big data MongoDB technologies for the backend, and AngularJS / Node for the frontend. The backend data model has been designed with a flexible architecture to consider future modifications and alterations. The frontend is based on effective standards, which are common among leading web developers. The system can easily be extended with mobile clients such as Android OS, iOS, and Microsoft WP.

The minimal design of KURAVIS features beautiful imaginary, hand crafted and pixel perfect iconary, a centrally administered font management with hierarchical typography, and specified color palettes. The design of KURAVIS can easily be modified or altered.

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