Social micro knowledge (SMK)

Give insights and ask any question to the world

SMK is a mobile app that enables you to ask any question about life - from Sex to Astrology - and get real answers from real people in real time.

We live in the day where information is abundant, indexed, and searchable. If you can think it, chances are you can find it. However convenient this is, not everything can be answered with a google search or can be found through a Wikipedia query. What if you had a problem with your relationship and you needed advice? What if you wanted to learn why someone becomes a scientologist, from a scientologist? There is a limitless amount of questions we can ask but don't know where we can ask them. All of those questions are the reasons why we created SMK.

Real-time networks

When someone on SMK asks a question, many people from around the world will give their insight (sometimes within seconds or minutes) and the faster those insights are seen, the better. SMK manages this realtime activity by push notifying the user as soon as an insight is given to them.

SMK is an [open source] project by MobileMan. Our client libraries are completely open source, so that you can modify them in any way you see fit. You can find us on GitHub or download the SMK app on Google Play Store.

Developer MobileMan

Project type Internal R&D project

Mission Connecting People

Foundation 2014

Platform Android OS, iOS

Technologies Java, Objective-C, MongoDB, Amazon EC3 / S3

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KURAVIS – Social healthcare network

Interests for everybody


In Psychology, you will discover the fascinating nature of people, especially their want to help with positive attitude, self-esteem, depression, self help, anxiety management, PTSD, personality psychology, schizophrenia, autism and more.


Yogi’s are always flexible to give people advice for yoga exercises, alternative medicine, yoga philosophy, chakra, hinduism, mantra, buddhism, yoga meditation and more.


Feel free and anonymous to chat about sex topics such as the orgasm, libido, masturbation, and whatever else is on your sexual mind.

Unlimited Interests

Users can ask questions on SMK as they wish or can tune it into 20 predefined categories and get 1000s of insights from all sorts of people from different backgrounds around the world.

How it works


Asking a question on SMK is intuitive and easy. As soon as the application opens, users can tap on the central button to ask their question. Each question is limited to 200 characters in order to keep questions on point and to ensure easy-to-digest content throughout SMK. Before a question is submitted on SMK, it must be tagged with an "Interest" so that the question can be seen by the best possible people who can give an insight. When a question is submitted it is immediately shuffled to the top of the deck where other users can easily see it to give an insight as soon as possible.

SMK user asking a question
SMK user browsing questions from people all over the world
Browsing Questions

Questions on iboga are sorted by most-recently submitted. This way, users who asked a question will get insights from other users in the least amount of time. There are three ways users can browse through questions. First (default mode), users can browse the entire index of questions, from all interest categories. Second, users can browse the questions that are "Trending". These are the questions from all interests that have become recently popular with other users. To determine whether a question is trending, iboga uses an advanced, time-responsive algorithm that constantly mines questions for relative data and sorts them accordingly. Third, users can browse questions that are related only to their interests like Psychology, Sex, Yoga, Beauty, and more.

Giving Insights

Giving an insight on SMK is as easy as asking a question. When a user sees another user's question they have an insight into, they tap on the "insights " button below the question and post their insight. Unlike questions, insights are ordered by "most loved".

iboga user giving an insight


SMK user giving a heart to someone's insight they love
Browsing Insights

All insights belonging to a user's question are for every SMK user to see and can be found by tapping into the "insights" button below the question. Each user can give a single heart for an insight they love. The more hearts an insight has, the higher the insight will be on the list of insights.


All users on SMK are 100% anonymous. Even the MobileMan team does not know the true identity of our users. To start using SMK a user does not need to give out any personal information like an email, phone number, or facebook credentials to sign up. We use a propriety system to differentiate users without knowing their identity by utilizing the mobile phone's unique ID. SMK is built on an anonymous system in order to encourage total freedom from identifying with the questions asked and insights given. We believe such freedom enables people to have a place where they can express exactly what they feel. The system can easily be modified with an extensive user management, where the user’s identity can be known based on certain requirements.

iboga user anonymously logging in