Conveyor Belt 2020


Beside his studies as a young man, MobileMan CEO, Yusuf Erkan, worked many years in a conveyor belt technology business run by his family and by him in Switzerland. When the company turned 38 years old, it was sold to a private investor, however the concepts and strategies for positioning conveyor belt technology companies as global leaders live on.


You are a conveyor belt manufacturer headquartered in Europe. With the increasing globalization and regulations, you are facing fierce price competition. Your distribution and service partners (your customers) who vulcanize and service your belt towards end customers are just passing the price competition to you because they are themselves under cost and margin pressure. Your decade long business is under threat. The conveyor belt industry for sure had its share of innovation, but no breakthrough has been disruptive and transformative by now. The process for the belt, whether it's rubber, plastic or polytetrafluorethylen, remains the same. Vulcanizing, confectioning and all other work has fundamentally stayed the same. All providers are using the same processes and competition at all levels is a reality. In addition, the manufacturing industry is moving entire plants overseas. New action is required.

Information is the key to a competitive advantage

Take the position of your customer's customer. He is responsible for the seamless operation of his manufacturing plant.

A downtime on a conveyor belt can stop the entire manufacturing operation and produce high costs. Don't sell only the conveyor belt, but care with a

Total-Conveying-System and solve the core challenge of the customer: Productivity

The value based approach for technical products, including conveyor belts, is very well supported by information and communication technologies. Today, conveyor belts are mainly sold by price (and brand). But showcasing the value of a client's investment by return, uptime and productivity, the formula changes for high-end conveyor belts. This would be a first important step towards transforming into the direction of high-IQ companies. The second step would be more dramatic and transformative. Automatizing the process chains and providing an end-to-end solution in form of a Total Conveying System. As a conveyor belt manufacturer, you can build tools to provide to your customer and your customer's customers to keep the most important key performance indicator "Productivity" high.


Add in external layers of your product or service components in form of technology, for example information, communication and sensor technology, and increase the competitiveness of your value proposal.

Spend your valuable time towards the emotional aspects of your business. Welcome to the 21st Century Sales. Redefine your business, intelligently position yourself and dominate universal markets.