Project [H] – IT supported healthcare

One of the biggest challenges doctors face with patients who suffer chronic pain, is the lack of sufficient information to track the progression of the patient's diesease. Project [H] is a tool for the doctor to get a holistic understanding of their patients, but it is also a tool for the patient to have control over their disease. Here's how it works: A patient creates a diary to track the details of their disease, making daily reportings such as the locations of experienced pain on the body, ratings of their pain, medications used, and so on.

  Social micro knowledge (SMK)

We live in the day where information is abundant, indexed, and searchable. If you can think it, chances are you can find it. However convenient this is, not everything can be answered with a google search or can be found through a Wikipedia query. What if you had a problem with your relationship and you needed advice? What if you wanted to learn why someone becomes a scientologist, from a scientologist? There is a limitless amount of questions. All of those questions are the reasons why we created SMK.

  Iboga – Live video broadcasting

Iboga is a mobile app that lets you broadcast live video to your friends and family. And it is the first app to do so for Facebook! Be it fire jump roping in Thailand or watching your baby take their first steps, everyone you know can instantly tune in, watch what you're up to, and interact with you live.

  KURAVIS – Social healthcare network

KURAVIS is a novel, real-time information network that enables a community of people to help each other find the best treatments for their health issues and discover health advice directly from the personal experiences of others.