Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership To strive in technology over a long period of time, executives, programmers, designers must know how to maintain fundamental human faculties. Body, mind, energy, emotions… MobileMan + YogaYuice are taking transformation to the next level geared towards increased performance and sustainability. Most professionals are burned out during their tenures, so are their designed […]

  UnitedPatients – Health network 2020

UnitedPatients is a novel, patient-driven health network for more transparency and insights from medical interventions. With the inclusion of all major participants of an health ecoystems, a central digital processing unit, the UnitedPatient System combines modular spider web with 100s of functions to customize, modify, alter. With the technical networking of patients with patients, important data can be exchanged and patients can learn from each other.

  Conveyor belts 2020

You are a conveyor belt manufacturer headquartered in Europe. With the increasing globalization and regulations, you are facing fierce price competition. Your distribution and service partners (your customers) who vulcanize and service your belt towards end customers are just passing the price competition to you because they are themselves under cost and margin pressure.

  Intelligence services

Innovation is the source of growth. There are many areas where a company can innovate, but there is one area that stands above the rest in the information age we are living in today: Information Technology. Silicon valley technology pioneers such as Google (or Alphabet), Alibaba, Apple, Amazon, eBay, AirBnB, Uber, and Tesla Motors have been transforming entire industries through their innovations with information technology.