[YE] Yusuf Erkan
CEO @ MobileMan

[CS] Colin Sygiel
Tech Consultant @ MobileMan

[Beginning of interview]

CS: How are you doing?

YE: I am good, thanks.

CS: What is MobileMan exactly doing?

YE: MobileMan designs, develops and operates 21st century sales tools. Over the years of investing into R&D and engineering sales technology for a number of global companies, we have been able to create a standardized framework that can be applied to any industry, for any company which wants to dominate their market.

CS: That is a bold statement. How exactly does that work?

YE: It is a combination between Technology, People and Processes. It is based on the terms of Value-based selling and Co-Creation. The technology part is our main business. We call it the Software Technology Kit [STK] because it can be modularly customized according to the needs of the customer. The [STK] is a collection of best-in-class frameworks, languages, SDK's and technologies. It has powerful in-build engines such as a form, computation, chart engine and so on. The integrated modules from planning, design, programming to support make the recruitment of the [STK] highly efficient and the impact powerful. At its core is an information system. If you think of the US military and the Joint Vision 2020, the most important capability to have is information for a global strike. The private sector can learn from such initiatives. Over the course of 8 years, we've engineered a smart system and we are continuing on evolving it.

CS: Can you give an example how you apply the [STK] to any client or product?

YE: Yes, just name any product or solution and I can tell you quickly how we would do it.

CS: Pumps

YE: First of all, these technologies have to be backed up by leadership. The awareness has to come from C-Level or in larger organizations by Division Manager minimally. OK. There are all kind of different pumps, right? Lets say you do industrial hydraulic pumps. This is a technical product evaluated by people on multiple levels in the organization. Everybody speaks a different language. Operator, Purchase Manager, Division Manager, Project Manager and more, and because each of them speaks a different language, each one of them needs to be approached differently. Assuming the market has many players, price is a key sales argument. Other qualitative and quantitative arguments about the pump play a vital role too in the sales process. Here it comes, with IT supported sales technologies, you lift yourself up to a complete new level. In this regard, I'm not talking about a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). I'm talking about sales technology that is embedded into your company's DNA, positions your product at the center, and does exactly what you want it to do - something that can't be said for commercial software on the market that work right out of the box, or only require some minor customizations. Coming back to pumps, your "investment" gains have to be demonstrated and visualized to the customer, such that they see your pump as more than a product, but as a solution. And yes, you have the tremendous opportunity to renew yourself. Thats it.

CS: How much would that cost?

YE: Without exact specifications, it is difficult to estimate, but a first version can be deployed within months, starting from CHF 500.000. Normally, to develop such systems would take 10x the time and cost.

CS: What is the upside for the manufacturer?

YE: The manufacturer can increase their market share and potentially dominate the market for decades to come. The marginal utility is currently high, and with any other participant moving into this space, the marginal utility will decrease exponentially. Having intelligent sales technology in place is the most sensitive area of a company, and product sales will increase dramatically. The ROI of the [STK] lays above 1000%.

CS: Can you prove your claim?

YE: Yes. We've demonstrated this potential to many clients. Prospects can reach out to our customers for reference. Be aware that we dont share any information on client solutions, only if its is commercially available. You can check out the most important ones on our About us page. Most of our customers are global pioneers and leaders with a traditional background.

CS: What is your job at MobileMan?

YE: Mainly, I am involved in designing, specifying and testing systems. I also manage our collective of specialists, coordinate, communicate and execute deliverables for internal R&D projects and with clients. I 'm leading the strategic direction of the company.

CS: How did it all start?

YE: I founded the company as a sole proprietorship in 2003. In the first year, I wanted to develop an app store. I developed the technology to store, distribute and monetize app downloads and sales, and engaged in licensing content from ISV's (Independant Software Vendor). For 6 months, I tried to get investors aboard, but at the time there was no interest in Switzerland regarding mobile software. Terminally, I reached out to Handango - a US based company who invented the app store and started what would become a 6-year strategic cooperation. And a few years later, I started developing apps for BlackBerry OS, Windows Phones, Symbian OS and UIQ. In fact, MobileMan was one of the first companies worldwide to offer professional app development services to content owners back in 2006 to my knowledge. Thats how all got off the ground.

CS: What are your goals?

YE: My goals are categorized. Qualitatively, my goals are to be a high-end strategist and engineering partner for traditional companies, particularly if there is a generation change, to add cutting edge technology to their sales operations and help the customer to reposition their company in the global market place. Quantitively, we would like to reach with each internal project we develop, such as iboga or KURAVIS, 1 million users (Update: iboga did peak 2 million users in 2016). That would be really great.

CS: Thank you for your insights.

YE: My pleasure.

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