Software, apps and web


Set up your investment plan and consult with MobileMan, how to achieve optimal results.


In close collaboration with our clients, MobileMan begins by developing strategic concepts, and refining with each iteration in an agile manner.


With a concept agreed upon by our partner, MobileMan begins specifying in detail how the applications will work, preparing it for coding. This ensures our partner's software meets the desired expectations within budget and time.

Native coding

MobileMan solely develops in native environments according to industry standards and the documented API's by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others.


Testing is an integral part of MobileMan's engineering process because it minimizes possible flaws in the system and code and provides fully functional applications that our high profile partners can trust to depend on.


MobileMan documents the source code, writes use cases and provides the entire specification to our partner through our collaborative platforms such as Confluence and JIRA. Therefore, our partners are in constant communication with MobileMan and have transparent access to their developing application, in real-time.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual Property is a vital part of the software package. With our in-house legal specialists and the expertise of 12 years working in the global mobile software space, MobileMan is confidant in helping our clients with IP and other legal matters within the mobile software space.


We can assist you with the launch of a consumer or business application in various ways, whether it is using marketing tools to promote your application or providing you with tools to distribute your application within your company.


Users and partners require support, which MobileMan covers in our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We usually provide support by video, email, phone, company forums and other tools.

Updates & Upgrades

Updates & Upgrades are a vital part of our software and application strategy. The power of your software comes through its evolution of iterations and MobileMan is there every step of the way to collaborate with you and further develop your software